After the inspection

What happens when the inspection is over?  After the inspection is completed, I will compile the report and email you two links normally within 8 hours but never more than 24 hours later.  One report will contain all the descriptive information about the house including serial and model numbers of appliances as well as any deficiencies I found while I was there.  The second report is an “Action Item List” which contains all the deficiencies I found in a report you and your agent can edit and send to the seller as part of the negotiating process.  If you are having a radon test performed, two days after the inspection you will receive the radon test results.
When you and the seller have negotiated what repairs are to be made (if any) and the repairs are made, I will go back and reinspect those areas – normally for no additional cost.  This should be done about a week prior to the final walkthrough to make sure the repairs are done to your satisfaction and to allow time to correct them if they are not.