Seller / Prelisting inspection

The worst thing that can happen to a real estate deal after the contract is signed is for the home inspector to find a hidden deficiency that will kill the deal.  The Seller / Prelisting inspection is done prior to, or shortly after listing the property for sale and the objective is to identify those issues which could possibly be deal breakers and correct them before the buyer’s inspector discovers the defect and the buyer decides to walk away. This inspection  will also inform the seller of deficiencies in the home which helps comply with full disclosure laws, repair issues prior to showings and avoid lawsuits after the sale. Every home has deficiencies, not all of which the homeowner is aware.  This is a way the homeowner can be more comfortable with the condition of the house and be relatively comfortable the buyer inspection will not turn up any major “deal killers”.  The process is very similar to the buyer inspection. Click here to learn more about the inspection process.