Radon testing

Every home has radon, the important question is what level of radon exists in your new home.  Radon testing is a simple process which requires leaving a monitor in the home for 48 hours.  There are several ways to test for radon in homes, but probably the two most common methods are charcoal cannisters and continuous monitoring.  The cannisters are sent to a lab where they are weighed to determine the average radon level in the home, the monitor takes sample readings every hour, calculates the average radon level and provides the data to generate a report of the hourly readings and average radon level in the home.  Either method can give you the peace of mind knowing that the radon levels in your new home are at an acceptable level but I employ a continuous monitor to test because the general consensus is the monitor is more accurate than cannisters.  To learn more about radon and testing click here.