Buyer’s Inspection

This is the most common inspection.  An offer has been made and the buyer wants to learn more about the property.  This will be an impartial report of the condition of the home informing the buyer of any problems and upcoming repairs hopefully avoiding any unpleasant surprises after the sale. As the buyer (and my employer) it is certainly your decision whether to attend the inspection or not, I certainly encourage you to be there at some point during the process.  This will allow me to walk through the house and explain the deficiencies I have encountered, how they will appear in the report and what the issue is.  Sometimes the wording of the report can be confusing or intimidating when the problem and solution is actually simple.  I try to keep my reports in plain, common sense language instead of using technical terms that are difficult to understand.  The report will also have photographs of the deficiencies  and in many cases illustrations showing how the deficiency should be when corrected.  Click here to learn more about what happens during the inspection process.