What to do before your home is inspected

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As part of the selling process, the home inspection can be very stressful.  Here is a TO DO list that can help with the inspection process.  Before the inspection you should check the following items and correct as many as possible.  Chances are if the home has been on a regular maintenance plan, many of these items will be taken care of already:

  • Exterior
    • Check shingles for damage and / or nail pop ups
    • Clean gutters and downspouts
    • Make sure downspouts drain away from the house at least 6 feet
    • Make sure all exterior joints are sealed
    • Check steps and decks for loose or rotten members and make sure all handrails are secure
    • Make sure any debris and loose or fallen insulation is removed or repaired
    • Make sure trees, bushes, and other plants around the house are trimmed and not in contact with the siding or roof.
  • Garage
    • Make sure the auto-reverse features of the door opener function properly and the electric eyes are within 6″ of the floor
    • Make sure the walls are cleared and there is no damage to the drywall – this reduces the firewall rating
    • Make sure there is clear access to any mechanical components (HVAC, Water Heater, Electric Panels) if these are located in the garage
  • Interior
    • Check the windows for opening / closing and damaged seals
    • Make sure all outlets have good covers mounted properly
    • Make sure all doors open and close (securely)
    • Check all the light fixtures – make sure there are working bulbs in them
    • Make sure there are smoke detectors in the bedrooms and they work
    • Check for and repair nail pops
    • Make sure toilets are properly secured to the floor
    • Check all the sinks and drains – plunge slow drains
    • Check the elements on the stove and oven
    • Check the anti-tip device on the stove
    • Make sure all AFCI and GFCI outlets are operational
  • General Comments
    • Make sure the attic access is clear and accessible
    • Make sure pets are secured
    • Make sure fixtures not in service are clearly marked
    • Any remotes should be left in obvious places
    • Instructions for starting gas fireplaces are helpful
    • Install clean filters in the HVAC system
    • Make sure the TPR valve discharge tube on the water heater terminates within 6″ of the floor
    • Make sure all junction boxes have covers and there are no open spaces or knockouts in the electric service box
    • If possible, leave your phone number for the inspector in case of any questions.

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